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Professional Experience

2019 - Present

Manager, Content and Client Relations
Kids Yoga Stories

  • Wrote and edited weekly company newsletters.

  • Increased customer engagement through social media.

  • Monitored online presence of company’s brand to engage users and strengthen customer relationships.

  • Developed marketing content such as blogs, promotional materials, and advertisements for social media.

  • Analyzed and reported social media and online marketing campaign results.

  • Maintained expert-level skills in digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

2015 - 2020

Fiction Line Editor
Red Adept Publishing

  • Edited, line by line, manuscripts of all genres.

  • Reviewed each manuscript for grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, accuracy, and compliance with quality standards.

  • Coordinated with authors to maintain consistent voice while addressing and rewriting content problems such as unnatural phrasing and confusing narrative.

  • Determined readiness of manuscripts, made changes, and approved final versions for publication.

  • Provided concise and constructive editorial feedback to authors.

  • Trained new editors, all of whom worked remotely.

2005 - 2015

Content Quality Manager

  • Managed team of seven Quality Editors across different time zones.

  • Facilitated training of Quality Editors.

  • Researched, wrote, edited, and improved more than 1.2 million answers, questions, and categories on

  • Edited quizzes and full-length site articles written by community experts for content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation on subdomain of pets, entertainment, travel, women’s health, parenting, and education, to name a few.

  • Developed Company Style Guide and wrote Help Center Content.

  • Followed quality standards and procedures to minimize errors and maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Curated home page content to better promote company brand and breadth of content.

  • Liaised with Quality Assurance Team and Senior Management to organize and perform quality standard training for new and existing staff.

2000 - 2012

Freelance Writer/Editor

  • Conducted interviews and extensive research.

  • Worked with clients on project objectives and deliverables.

  • Taught “Writing for the Web” seminars.

  • Wrote, edited, and proofread a wide spectrum of communications and materials including manuscripts, communication plans, feature articles, profiles, newsletters, business recovery plans, marketing materials, website communications, and press releases.

2000 - 2001

Web Documentation Manager

  • Created intranet site to support product development in the IT department.

  • Wrote, edited, and coordinated all documentation for product releases.

  • Worked with product managers and team leaders to create product documentation.

1998 - 2000

Corporate Web Copywriter
U.S. Central Credit Union

  • Wrote and edited copy for all electronic communications produced by the company, including intranet and extranet sites, weekly newsletters, electronic technical bulletins, and copy for corporate subsidiary websites.

  • Wrote and edited copy for marketing and PR departments, including press releases, product manuals, company styles and standards manual, operational letters, and various marketing resources.

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