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Marketing Newsletter
by Neila Forssberg

I write a newsletter email similar to this each week that goes out to 80,000+ clients.

Thank you so much to those of you who joined our first ever virtual School Yoga Bootcamp. We are beyond excited to jump in and get working on your customized programs together. If you missed it, we’re working on creating a course for those who would prefer to do their own self-study at their own pace. And we’re aiming to host the virtual bootcamp again next summer!

Speaking of summer, we had a heat wave earlier this week, which catapulted us into the hot and sunny season! So today’s newsletter is all about Summer Yoga ideas. You’ll find a downloadable poster with quick and easy yoga ideas to integrate into your summer. Below, you’ll also find five yoga poses inspired by summer activities, like riding a scooter or surfing the waves!

Below, you will find:

  • Summer Yoga Ideas poster

  • Summer Activities Yoga poses

  • Summer Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day


In this week's blog, we talk all about integrating yoga into your summer plans. Maybe your child can practice partner yoga poses with their friends or siblings. Or perhaps you can play some fun yoga games like Yogi Says, Strike a Pose, or Freeze Yoga Tag.

Whatever you and your children choose to do, there are lots of fun ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your days. Check out all of our suggestions in our Summer Yoga Ideas For Kids blog.


In our area, it rains a lot in the summer, especially during the month of June. That's one reason I was inspired to create Summer Activities Yoga. Maybe your children have interests, such as sports, that they can't go out and do—perhaps because of the weather or because their favorite activities aren't accessible nearby.

In this blog, you check out some fun ways to spark your child's imagination and help them use yoga to do some of their favorite activities. Pretend to be surfing, swimming, horseback riding, or playing baseball.


Summer is an exciting time for children with so many fun activities to choose from. It's also a great time to incorporate yoga and mindfulness. This printable poster offers thirty ways to integrate yoga into your summer plans.

May your week be filled with health, happiness, and peace!

In service,
Kids Yoga Stories

Learn, be active, and have fun!


If, like me, you’re ready to finally kick off summer, then I think you’re going to love our Summer Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day workbook.

We have made it SUPER easy for you to add yoga and mindfulness to your children’s summer with this handy done-for-you workbook of daily yoga, exercises, and activities.

Let's hear what our dedicated client Natalie has to say about Summer Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day.

“Fantastic variation of activities: This pack is great; it has a plan for the 8 weeks of summer. Each day with new themes and focus. It allows me to spend less time planning and gives me more time for me and the kids to actually DO the activities. With this current climate it’s brilliant. Thank you so much!” 

Sale starts TODAY and includes 4 FREE bonuses worth $39.80:

  • Camping Yoga Cards for Kids 

  • Mermaid Yoga Cards for Kids

  • Beach Yoga Cards for Kids 

  • Summer Activities Yoga Cards for Kids 

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